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By Denise Lettau

SAT APR 04, 2020

Did you ever create a bucket list? I never did. But whenever I decided to take a trip to somewhere "exotic" such as Morocco, India or Israel (which to me are very spiritual places), someone would ask, "is that on your bucket list?"

Lately, I have been contemplating, well actually, dreaming of all the things I am going to do when this is over. I have not left my home in 4 weeks --I am going on week 5. Literally, not walked out the door. I was likely exposed 8 weeks ago. I attended two very large gatherings and it was later reported that someone suffering from the virus, was in attendance. Yikes. Home I stay.

So my dreams are not limited to travel destinations but there are a few places on the globe that I would like to go to. Africa is one, in particular, Sierra Leone and Kenya. Also, I want to visit friends in Denmark and Germany. Both places that I once lived. I also need to go to New York. Mostly to visit my 96 year-old mother-in-law that my husband and I cannot visit right now. We would also just walk around the City. Especially after all of this.

My list, without the travel, is pretty down-to-earth:

I want to meet with people in person. Any time, anywhere.

I want to hug Everybody, especially my husband, son and daughter-in-law.

I want to take long, long walks along the beach.

I want to experience a sunset outdoors.

I want to go to a bookstore and hang out, like The Strand in NYC or Kramersbooks & Afterwords in D.C., my favorites.

I want to keep being a yogi-tourist--which is just trying every kind of yoga at every kind of studio or retreat.

So really, I want to do the things that I have always done. I was already appreciative of my life and lifestyle but now I am even more so. It's so cliché to say that it is the "simple things of life". But it truly is. This imposed pause is forcing us to slow down, think about what we are doing, how we are living and what is sustainable. Much of what we were doing, maybe did not make a lot of sense for us. Maybe we were not living our best lives. And maybe, some but not all that we were doing was sustainable. We live hectic lives these days. Let's hope we all come out of this either with a deep sense of appreciation or that we tailor our lives to make the most of our time here on earth. What's on your Covid-19 list?

I loved sharing space and being photo-bombed by these powerful Rajasthani women.
I loved sharing space and being photo-bombed by these powerful Rajasthani women.