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Reflections at 59: What I Wish I Had Known, My Advice to Younger People...

By Denise Lettau

SUN MAY 17, 2020

I woke up during the ambrosial hours as I prefer to do and marveled at life thus far. I’m still here! (I did not heed the advice of my actress girlfriend who told me never to reveal my real age, because, I’m still here!) Here’s what I’ve experienced and learned thus far:

1. NEVER look for the easy way out. There is no such thing, it will only cost you time (and more grief).

2. NOTHING in my Life has gone according to (my) plan...absolutely NOTHING. Embrace it.

3. Anything that was not meant for me —a proverbial door was slammed in my face. Anything that was meant for me simply happened without too much effort on my part.

4. Having battled all of the “chronics” i.e. stress, inflammation, fatigue, and excess weight, Health is Wealth. And there is nothing better than feeling good in your body at this age. Fight for your health.

5. A lot of people will be breathtakingly kind and courteous to you and some will not. It’s not about you.

6. You will meet many role models and mentors. Listen and learn from them. There is nothing new under the sun.

7. Allow yourself to be placed in many situations—especially as an introverted person that does not relish “public anything” because you will grow personally and that’s why we are here.

8.. Find your tribe. It May or May not be the one you were born in. That’s okay.

Finally, Enjoy your Life. Don’t compare it to anyone else’s. It’s your story.

Feeling blessed and enjoying a rare day out!
Feeling blessed and enjoying a rare day out!