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Time Flies during COVID

By Denise Lettau

MON FEB 08, 2021

It has been nearly a year since I have honestly felt like writing anything. I feel that I am slowly coming out of a haze. Like many I used the time to Marie Kondo my condo, focused on how I want to live my life and made changes to my career. It has been a blessed time and I realize that I have been blessed. I have not lost my livelihood. I can still pay my mortgage. I have food to eat.

Life is Good.

In my blessed state, I have been giving more of my time and money to causes that I believe will make the world a better place. It has been such a unique time to be alive. I have made some promises:

1. I promise to never lose sight of just how glorious life can be;

2. I promise to consider the good and not dwell on the bad, viewing both as experiences of life;

3. I promise to truly embrace and accept change;

4. I promise to bore my grandkids with tales of when the world was on lockdown.

(I have to add humor to everything --also a promise). While we still have some time to go before things become "normal", I am trying to accept things as they are.

There is not much else that we can do. I promise.

A view from my balcony during a beautiful sunset.
A view from my balcony during a beautiful sunset.